Love Thy Pitbull

This “Love Thy Pitbull” collar was inspired to help fight against Breed-specific legislation (BSL) and to give pitbull owners the opportunity to join the fight in raising awareness for the breed Pitbull.

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I want to smack him and the asshole company publishing his book


He wants another dog. He also wants for people to hear his side of the story by writing a book. He wants to PROFIT from the horrific things he did to these dogs, while trying to claim innocence. SHAME on anyone who supports Vick, or supports anyone that endorses him.

Go ahead and READ this excerpt from the book “The Lost Dogs” and read the horrific deaths Vick made these poor dogs suffer through. Yet he’s still playing football, still being endorsed, and is now trying to profit from what he did. Proof that Vick is a DISGUSTING excuse of a human being, but we still allow him to live the life that he does.


Lemmy the Staffie-Jack Russell mix! Paws n’ Time Resuce by robswatski on Flickr.


Buffy by syzygial on Flickr.


Chance & Millie Best Friends The goat thinks she is a dog.


Dogs on Deployment and Hawaii Military Pets have teamed up to request the Department of Defense (DOD) implement a consistent, military-wide pet policy and we need your help. Sign the Petition and share to help standardize military pet policies.

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Our little Parvo Survivors are now about 12 weeks. 
We still need some support with their vet bill, so donate a little something:

We are driven to socialize our pupps with children, dogs and other animals as much as possible to our availability.

Your $169 Love investment includes but is not limited to
►Shots (& Rabies)
►Micro Chip
►Heart Worm Preventative
►Health Exam 
►Flea Treatment
Call/Text: 225-267-7487
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